Jorge Chavez

Jorge returned to his native Honduras in 2009 with the dream of returning to his roots and living
on the island. Now living on the island of Roatan, Jorge has found and cultivated the best of all
worlds. He loves the place he calls home and would love to share it with you.

Jorge Chavez has been working in every aspect of Roatan’s real estate market for over 15
years, giving him a unique perspective that has time and again helped him inform potential
property owners of all types of properties and about the ins and outs of each type of investment.
If you are considering buying a Caribbean dream home away from home, investment properties,
or even considering viable business endeavors, Jorge is able to guide you to the right type of
property to suit your needs.

Jorge has straddled both cultures and languages his entire life. His irreplaceable life experience,
combined with his vast knowledge of Roatan´s real estate market makes Jorge able to identify
the best properties for each client. He is able to highlight all aspects of each property’s value, as
well as foresee any possible problems that may arise before purchase. His unique bilingual and
bicultural perspective makes Jorge the ideal agent for many clients in search of their piece of

If you’re not sure what type of property would best suit your needs, Jorge will take the time to
weigh all the options and discuss how each property might meet your goals as property owners
in the Caribbean. While he is able to present all the important aspects of each property, he is
also able to envision return on investment over the short and long term. Over the years he has
had many clients return to him seeking his insight prior to investment.

Throughout the years, Jorge has seized every opportunity presented to him; he is among the
most knowledgeable agents on the island, his experience drawing up best business practices in
the United States, the local culture and legal stipulations of property in Honduras, and as such
he often has have his finger on the pulse of up and coming properties and growing island
communities. Jorge’s perspective as an agent of two languages and two cultures sets him apart
from many agents as he is fully accustomed to best business practices, and is able to see
potential problems long before they arise. To date he has been part in the development of 3 very
successful island developments, and continues to maintain contact with both clients and
developers in each.

Jorge’s wealth of experience is what has brought him to the forefront of the Roatan market. He
is able to see trends in the market, anticipate their longevity, and work with each client to
consider all possible outcomes. His long-term good standing in the community and positive
relationships throughout many years demonstrate his dedication to his clients through time.